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CU Engineering provides expert advice on the following GMP critical process systems:

Water For Injection - WFI 

Purified Water - PW

Drinking Water

Clean Steam / Pure Steam

Process Air (Sterile Compressed Air)


CU Safe Water supports Safe Drinking Water projects as a voluntary association without renumeration. We help fulfil the UN’s Sustainable Development Goal no. 6. “Water for all” in cooperation with local NGO’s.
Cultural understanding and persistence are important ingredients.

By using CU Engineering, you and your company receive services on Project Management, Front End and Detailed Design, Peer Review, Installation Supervision, Commissioning and Qualification.

I ensure your projects are carried out according to “State of the Art” guidelines and that relevant regulatory requirements are fulfilled. As CU Engineering networks closely with other consultancies, we are flexible with regards to project scope.

Please feel free to contact me for a meeting without reservations.

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